Not-For-Profit Organizations

At Frank & Company we are experienced in serving a diverse group of not-for-profit organizations that are an important segment of our clientele.  These include:

  • Charitable organizations
  • Business leagues
  • Educational organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Trade associations

We can help you take the initial steps to create a not-for-profit organization and ensure that all necessary requirements are met to obtain and maintain your tax-exempt status. Our specialists also can advise you on the organizational structure and financial planning necessary in today’s oversight environment in which nonprofits operate.

Your organization must comply with technical rules to maintain its tax-exempt status. Frank & Company monitors the constantly changing tax laws regarding exempt organizations. We are frequently analyzing new rulings and cases to help us better advise you.

Our years of experience in accounting services for not-for-profit organizations enable us to prepare your annual budgets. In addition, we are able to review or audit the financial statements required by your board of directors. If your organization receives government or private grants, we also can assist you with the reporting requirements of the grant terms. We also will prepare the necessary filings for state regulatory authorities or federal and state taxing bodies.

Numerous not-for-profit organizations seek broad-based support through direct appeals for donations. Our experience assisting with negotiating contracts for fundraising campaigns, monitoring the expenses for these campaigns to comply with state and federal requirements, and registering with the relevant regulatory agencies are part of the services we offer our not-for-profit clients.

Frank & Company is committed to the efficient and effective operation of its not-for-profit clients. We share your dedication to deliver quality service to your members or constituents. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you and your board of directors with meeting your organization’s goals.


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