Real Estate Professionals

Frank & Company years of service to the real estate industry enables us to successfully fulfill a variety of needs for all our clients who are active in the real estate sector.

The real estate industry is constantly changing. It continues, however, as a sought-after and profitable area of business and investment for our clients. We serve a wide range of clients encompassing all aspects of the real estate industry—from developers and contractors to property managers and investors. Therefore, we constantly encounter challenges. We formulate creative ideas to help you capitalize on your real estate business or investments.

Frank & Company offers these real estate services to assist each of our clients’ diverse situations:

  • Determine whether to organize as an LLC, partnership, S corporation or C corporation
  • Structure the financing for the purchase of property
  • Assess when it is appropriate for a client to raise capital or incur debt
  • Analyze property management and operations and provide suggestions to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Prepare financial forecasts and projections
  • Determine the effect of new federal and state tax laws on potential real estate investments
  • Evaluate the acquisition and disposition of property
  • Recommend tax strategies
  • Organize arm’s-length lease agreements
  • Prepare financial statements and issue compilation, review or audit reports
  • Plan for all applicable federal and state income tax obligations

Participation in the real estate industry involves making many business decisions that are based on accounting and finance. For example, a developer must determine optimal use of a property based upon zoning, acquisition and building costs. Therefore, Frank & Company provides our developer clients essential financial forecasts and also offers alternatives for developing a project at a lower cost.

While your property is in the development stage we will help you develop budgets, devise construction schedules and perform cost accounting. Your ability to complete projects within a limited time and budget depends on expert management information that Frank & Company provides. Also, funds must be accessible and costs must be controlled to successfully finish any project whether speculative or contacted building. Our staff of professionals delivers the necessary information to help you avoid delays and cost overruns.

When an individual is faced with many financial and investment opportunities evaluation of the options based on respective yields and tax consequences is crucial to a sound decision. Frank & Company analyzes each alternative and helps your select the investment that will give you the best rate of return based on your financial goals.

At Frank & Company we know our clients’ businesses. So we can offer your comprehensive accounting services for all your real estate projects.


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