Auditing and Management Accounting

Our Audit and Management Accounting Department is responsible for performing audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements and management accounting. However, as certified public accountants, we do more than express an opinion on your financial statements. Our audit and management accounting department will analyze data to identify business trends and enhance decision-making to help your keep your business growing. Whether the financial statements involve historical financial information, budget, or planning information, our focus is to assist management in obtaining the information required that will support and aid in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s operations.

Our Audit and Management Accounting Department also provides a broad range of services such as computer risk management, fund risk services, internal audit services, and business performance evaluations.  We design and implement accounting systems, using the most appropriate commercial computer software. In order to increase efficiency and profitability, we can help you streamline your accounting procedures. Through management accounting, we help you to use your financial statements manage your business and increase your profitability. We look beyond the numbers to provide more value than traditional compliance services. Our process assessment services include analysis of financial or other processes to understand how current practices compare to client policies and expectations.


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