Tax Advisory Services

Preparing tax returns is a critical function, whether it’s for your business or your personal life. But properly preparing the tax forms to meet IRS compliance is only the starting point for the members of our Tax Advisory Services department.   Tax returns are the historical reporting of your financial transactions for the past year but we strive to work with you throughout the year to properly position your upcoming financial dealings to minimize your taxes. 

Planning is a key component of Tax Advisory Services at Frank & Company, which allows us to assist our clients meet their financial objectives.  With the rapidly changing economy and tax laws, sensible financial plans for today quickly become obsolete tomorrow.  Through our continuing working relationship, we can ensure that the proper planning tactics are implemented before your financial transactions are completed.  Utilizing proactive planning allows for additional tax savings opportunities that reactive planning does not.  No matter what the transaction and circumstances, we will work with you to minimize your total tax obligations.

Gifts, trusts, estates and succession planning are important elements in achieving financial objectives and transferring wealth.  A complete financial plan will include an analysis of net worth, investment review, family gifting, trust, retirement planning and business succession planning.  Our Tax Advisory Services department works in a collaborative environment with your other professional advisors to develop programs that will help you achieve your goals, minimize taxes, and maximize benefits to you and your heirs.


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